Parental Fears

We are unknowingly taught to fear the world at a young age when our parents place their own fears on their children's shoulders. Whether unconsciously or not, we grow up believing these fears that weren't ours. What were you told to be afraid of as a kid that haunted you?

Moderation is Key(ish)

Why do those of us who are more heart-centered consistently find ourselves in the role of moderator during a conflict? Is this constructive or destructive behavior?

“Dis”Honorable Sacrifice

Those who are prone to "keep the peace" tend to sacrifice their own wants and feelings to make everybody else happy. What can we do to prevent this behavior, but also get our own needs met?

Boxes of Trauma

If you want to build healthy and strong relationships with others, you can't start them off by opening the proverbial "Pandora's Box" of your past trauma history.

Safety Nets

Being stuck in your comfort zone is like being a trapeze artist who needs a safety net to perform; sure you know you're going to be safe, but you'll never soar to new heights or challenge yourself if you don't take those big uncomfortable leaps sometimes...

Emotional Crutch

A look into how standing on your own two feet instead of being dependent on others to hold you up strengthens your relationships.

Toxic Love

“I GET IT, BUT THAT SUCKS,” I told Tamara this morning, referring to the way the flow of love can be constricted or even shut off by things like addiction, trauma, or other mental/ emotional/ physical illnesses etc.