Too often we equate happiness with a feeling of impending dread. Like somehow or another life is going to come and take away that feeling from you. Why do we do this?

We have been conditioned by our family, our friends and the world as a whole that happiness is fleeting and that there is always something to be concerned about. As if life has a monster lurking around the corner that waits to jump out the moment you start feeling happy.

But if we rewrote those thoughts that tell us to put our walls up and expect the worse? Honestly, what’s wrong with being happy and sinking into that true feeling of bliss?

Once you can allow yourself to feel the happiness of the moment without the concern for what’s in the future, you can enjoy your present to the fullest.

Try this: In those moments when you’re in a good mood and life feels wonderful, don’t concern yourself with what there is to do later. Enjoy the now, take it in. The future is exactly that, the future. Life happens. It’s up to you how you react to it.

Ben Driskell, LMT is a massage therapist practicing in greater Pensacola, FL area. Besides being a “muscle whisperer”, he greatly enjoys writing about issues related to healthy masculinity, mindful living and sacred intimacy. He hopes to aid men in embracing a lifestyle that is authentic to them and not what society says they should be.

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