People pleasing is a #pandemic that us in the heart triad on the #enneagram / big feeler types or empaths know all about. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your feelings (i.e. throw yourself on other people’s swords) to keep the peace.

We tend to forego our own wants and needs to prevent “rocking the boat”, but what long term damage can this do to one’s emotional health?

What needs of your own are being unexpressed by people-pleasing?

Ask yourself today, “How am I sacrificing myself to keep others happy?” 🤔 And then work on preventing that behavior in the future.

It’s not unhealthy to say NO or choose not to be ok with being given the short end of the stick to save others.

Your happiness isn’t dependent on other’s opinions or feelings.


Ben Driskell, LMT is a massage therapist practicing in greater Pensacola, FL area. Besides being a “muscle whisperer”, he greatly enjoys writing about issues related to healthy masculinity, mindful living and sacred intimacy. He hopes to aid men in embracing a lifestyle that is authentic to them and not what society says they should be.

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