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Muscle Memory Is Emotional Memory

Muscle memory is a real thing – When you recall or worse yet, ruminate on, old memories that harbor bad feelings, your muscles tense up exactly as if you were there all over again!

Growing Gills

Most men I interact with would rather do just about anything than process their feels, and many women aren’t all that great at it either.

It occurred to me that it can be intimidating or even downright scary to pull back and look at giant emotion swirling in the body and I had this thought – WE WOULDN’T BE SCARED IF WE KNEW WE COULD BREATHE UNDERWATER.

Why empaths are like canaries in a coal mine

You’re not weak if you’re sensitive. It’s your superpower. Empaths are like canaries in a coal mine; your reactions signal something is off… maybe even gravely wrong.

But it’s still YOUR job not to let the toxic haze overtake you and create a replica of the virus within you that you then unconsciously transmit to those around you, thinking you have no control over the situation.

Toxic Love

“I GET IT, BUT THAT SUCKS,” I told Tamara this morning, referring to the way the flow of love can be constricted or even shut off by things like addiction, trauma, or other mental/ emotional/ physical illnesses etc.

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